HOME in five with Federico Monsalve

14 September 2021

HOME’s managing editor Federico Monsalve is juggling homeschooling with prepping for our new issue during this lockdown. We caught up with Fede to see how he’s balancing his two roles. 

HOME: What’s the best part of your view from home?

Federico Monsalve: Friendly neighbours, the road outside my office window which, in five minutes walk would deposit me at one of our fave beaches.

H: What are you reading?

FM: One of my favourite things to do after the magazine has gone to the printers – when the deadline cycle is at its quietest (AKA false sense of security) – is to select and write the next issue’s book review section. So the titles I am either reading or coveting usually end up there. As per the current issue: I am going through a nature-writing phase. There is something soothing about a good, somewhat escapist narrative about a mountain in Wisconsin, about trail running somewhere inhospitable, or about poetically descriptive writing about the countryside.

H: What are you watching?

FM: Family movie nights at the moment involve exposing the kids to all the good (and poor!) cinematic choices made by my parents on my behalf during the 80s: E.T the Extraterrestrial, Big, Studio Ghibli and old-school Disney.

H: What are you cooking and/or baking? 

FM: The lovely Fermina recently made an amazing Brazilian feijoada. The kids have also had a hand at making dessert – dried fruit dipped in chocolate and displayed on an old, ceramic dog was a hit.

H: What’s inspiring you right now?

FM: We are, hopefully, making alterations and additions to our house. I am fascinated with other people’s architectural drawings and sketching my own iterations of what a floorplan can become with some extra m2 and inspired by clever designers. Oh… and re-learning the guitar.

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