HOME in five with Nat Davis

10 September 2021

HOME’s commercial director Nat Davis is not used to being kept in the same place for too long. She’s our resident whirlwind and a driving force behind the brand’s success. 


HOME: What’s the best part of your view from home?

Nat Davis: Looking over the deck to the pool and backyard with all the trees. Our home is a two-storey villa that’s had a contemporary renovation. The kitchen, deck, and my office are upstairs overlooking the pool. The sun streams around the side of the house until around 10am, then floods the backyard. It feels communal here, yet private and set apart. We have strings of lights hanging over our pool that we’ve been turning on to show there is still life out there, and a bit of sparkle to boot. 

The boss, Elena, likes to be amongst it all

HOME: What are you reading?

ND: I am doing a lot of reading of media kits, statistics, and spreadsheets as we work through a brand update. I love what I do at HOME and it is a true passion of mine. So, I do that. Outside of that, I am reading a lot more year three homework than I would like to.

The Sun and her Flowers by Rupi Kaur is an incredible book I love to pick up, which resides on my bedside table. Poetry in a book, to read in order or in no order, given to me by my brother Daniel for Christmas. It is art in words, it makes the heart melt, sing, and sometimes cry, in such a beautiful way.

HOME: What are you watching?

ND: My eight-year-old Riki has taken to hanging out with me to watch movies at night, so animations are our thing right now. I’m slowly getting him into other things and can highly recommend My Octopus Teacher. Tonight we are watching HOME, another animation. Excuse the irony. 

HOME: What are you cooking and/or baking?

ND: Jamie is vegan, so watching her cook these incredibly healthy meals has inspired me to eat cleaner, and pay more attention to my body’s needs. I made beetroot burgers which were so good, thanks to being smothered with organic peanut butter. Dairy-free mashed potato, substituting milk and butter for coconut cream – yum! I’m inspired to eat more plant-based foods again and cut meat back to a few times a week. Next up, picking up my kettlebells. Well, it is starting to feel like Groundhog Day, so perhaps miracles can happen!

Getting my detox on with No Ugly (they also have cocktails, just saying)

HOME: What’s inspiring you right now?

ND: Having my 19-year-old son Billy, and his girlfriend Jamie, home with us for lockdown has been great. Also, the way Riki is handling homeschooling and the lack of social interaction makes me very proud. Having my boys here with me gives the whole experience a silver lining. I am still coming to grips with the fact that I have a six-foot-tall son. But, I’ve had the pleasure of having new meals cooked for me, the dishwasher unloaded every day, and the kitchen left spotless after they cook up a feast. Also amazing is how long two teenagers can happily lock themselves away in their room, appearing only to surface to take over the kitchen, then head back to their room in a vacuum of food. It gives me faith we can handle this lockdown stuff, we got this!

Billy, Riki, Nat & Jamie

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