Home of the Year

Celebrating the 25th Home of the Year awards and all the past winners

Very special thanks to our sponsor Altherm Window Systems Our annual Home of the Year award is New Zealand’s most prestigious architectural prize, with a cheque of $15,000 going to the winning architects. In celebration of its 25th Anniversary, here’s a look at our previous winners,

Introducing the exciting finalists in Home of the Year 2020

Very special thanks to our sponsor Altherm Window Systems With HOME celebrating its 25th Home of the Year awards, it’s no wonder that the calibre of architecture seen in these finalists is so incredible “The year of the retreat” is how HOME editor and Home

Why the 56-tonne concrete roof in this winning home isn’t oppressive

Architect Jack McKinney discusses the collaborative process that went into designing and building this award-winning home with its 56-tonne concrete roof Q&A with architect Jack McKinney You’ve worked with Cam on many projects – how does this affect the way you design for him? We

These Wynyard apartments show us how good high-density living can be

The architect behind this design, Patrick Clifford, discusses how the design of the Wynyard apartments came to be. See more of these homes below Q&A with Patrick Clifford of Architectus Could you explain the creative thinking that went into deciding the final design? The process

How this small home has made the most of its tricky location

Tim Gittos and Caro Robertson of Spacecraft Architects discuss why this tricky site gave them inspiration and not trepidation. See more of this clever small home below Q&A with Tim Gittos and Caro Robertson of Spacecraft Surely a site like this fills you with trepidation?