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Dryden WoodOil delivers better care, protection, and a premium finish to your timber.



Garage Doors
Using WoodOil as a timber garage door treatment will protect and seal it from environmental debris and will prevent cracking and peeling on the surface. It also locks out moisture, reducing watermarks and weight load on the motor and doorframe. If you are installing a new garage door, you can have Dryden WoodOil pre-applied by specialist door manufacturers, including Dominator and Garador – NZ’s leading garage door manufacturers.
Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor timber understandably needs the highest calibre of care to extend its lifespan. That’s why WoodOil is used by leading manufacturers and importers of outdoor timber furniture. Its superior protection reduces timber instability and waterproofs outdoor furniture. It’s also easy to apply, maintain and clean, and there is no sanding required in recoating. Our natural finish WoodOil will prove less maintenance, as it allows the wood to silver and weather over time. To apply an initial coating, simply rag wipe Wood Oil on to the surface of your timber furniture, let it soak in, then buff with a clean, dry cloth.
Reduce movement and weather-related stress on your door frames and windows by using WoodOil. WoodOil requires only one initial coat to begin protecting your windows, frames, entrance, sliding and French doors from the elements, and will not crack or peel like polyurethane coatings. Also, if there is an existing mark or scratch on your frame prior to coating, WoodOil can help eliminate further damage by keeping it waterproof.
When wet, weathered shingles and shakes absorb up to half their weight in moisture, only to evaporate again when dry. This causes huge amounts of weight shifting and warping across your roof, especially in months when rainfall is heavier. WoodOil treatment can extend the life of your wood shingles by reducing water absorption and stabilising moisture content, reducing cupping, warping, staple travel and shingle detachment too. We recommend using WoodOil Clear to protect your roof shingles as it is water repellent and will require less maintenance.
Dryden WoodOil has a flat, natural finish to maintain your timber cladding’s native beauty. It can be applied quickly and easily and its deep penetrating oil will protect your timber for years to come. WoodOil is a suitable cladding treatment for all types of timber, including Cedar, Macrocarpa, Redwood and Lawson’s Cyprus to name a few. It can be used on new and restored weatherboards, plywood, board and batten and more.
Recent restrictions on future supply and use of hardwoods mean protecting your timber decking is more important than ever. WoodOil’s superior protection helps you reduce the warping, cupping, splitting and splintering of your decking timber, drastically extending its lifespan. WoodOil also absorbs less heat, making it cooler underfoot than stains and paints. Dryden is suitable for both hardwood and softwood decking and can be used to provide a natural wood finish. Natural finishes will prove less maintenance, as it allows the wood to silver and weather over time.
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In 1999, Dryden was established to service the NZ housing and construction industry, providing a better wood oil solution for timber, through our flagship product Dryden WoodOil.

Since the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to testing, refining and developing our formulas. Today, WoodOil remains the highest-calibre product in the market, and we’ve added a whole range of speciality cleaning and coating products to the Dryden product family.

Dryden WoodOil delivers better care, protection and a premium finish to your timber. Our formulas not only maintain wood’s visual appeal but protect its core strength and durability too. It’s all part of our mission to help your vision become a reality. From creating the house of your dreams to making the most of your current property, we bring out the best in your timber.

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