Fima Galileo Kitchen Mixer

Galileo takes inspiration from the shape of Galileo Galilei’s telescope, hence the name, with a futuristic interpretation that creates an original and minimal design. The result is a kitchen mixer that combines an unique and distinctive design with high functionality and ergonomics, fil-rouge of Bertone Design and Fima Carlo Frattini’s projects.

The swivelling spout is attached to the side of the core by means of an innovative magnetic system that allows a comfortable and safe inclination of the spout. Depending on the size of the sink and on its depth, the spout can be positioned to the best inclination for the best performance. The flexible hose gives an extended mobility to the removable spout. Its length is fixed but it can vary and be set based upon the wishes and the needs of the consumer during installation, improving once again the performance and the comfort.

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