iB Rubinetti Marmo MR200

iB Rubinetti Marmo MR200 in Chrome and Black Marquina Marble

Designed by: Federico Castelli and Antonio Gardoni

A handmade tapware range that seamlessly blends nature and technology, using marble as a timeless, complex yet unique material. Available in two iconic marbles – white Carrara and black Marquina, that are carefully selected, cut and polished to ensure the best geometric expression of a perfect cylinder. It is impossible to find two identical MARMO, as every piece is made unique by the differing marble veins.

The marble casing both protects and hides a compact and innovative water mixing system within. From the outside, only the perfection of the geometry and the material are visible. Essential and perfect. Simple and elegant. MARMO’s elegance goes beyond time and fashion. Complementing any bathroom.

Available from APT, ibtaps.co.nz