Milan Bath Mat


These one-of-a-kind Turkish hand towels are hand woven using time-honoured techniques passed down through generations of families on traditional, wooden shuttle looms.

There are only a few families left in the world with the equipment and knowledge to produce this particular weave. The end result is a fabric of integrity and strength, with a look, singular to this craft, that is recognised throughout the world.

Ottoloom Turkish hand towels are as beautiful as they are practical.

The densely woven, silky soft, natural fibres feel blissfully indulgent and luxurious, whilst providing an unsurpassed level of absorption, leaving you relaxed and tranquil.

A sensory delight both extravagant and alluring for the ultimate bathing experience that you’ll want to repeat, over and over again.


Hand dyed and woven, with a unique and intricate design.

The subtle, earth tones of the organic dyes will complement any design aesthetic in the home sitting beautifully against various surfaces from vintage hardwoods to contemporary stone or marble.

Exotic and charming Ottoloom towels are the pinnacle of beautifully executed, luxury textiles that will add another dynamic to your home.


Made with independently 100% certified organic cotton.

The superior quality of this yarn and gentle hand weaving technique means this towel will stay soft and luxurious for over twenty years compared to mass-produced, bleached and chemically-treated factory imitations.

Ottoloom supports families in their traditional professions, allowing them to teach this life-long art form to new generations.

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