Sofia Minson – Heart of the Kākā

Sofia’s inspiration for this piece came from the whakatauki (Māori proverb):

“Te tōrino haere whakamua, whakamuri.”

“At the same time as the spiral is going forward, it is returning”

The double spiral on the chest of the Kākā bird symbolises life’s journey forward, which ultimately takes us to the centre of ourselves.

As the ancient wisdom traditions say “as above, so below.” Just as mathematical fractal patterns unfold infinitely as we zoom in and out, the universe is a continual, expanding and deepening expression of the one force that binds everything together. It is the Source outpictured in infinite ways.

The intricate Victorian wallpaper in bronze is an introduced element to one of Sofia’s favourite pieces – her 2014 painting “The Kākā is Calling,” which had a pure black background. In this 2018 artwork “The Heart of the Kākā,” Sofia wanted to digitally create an ornate, antique quality with the floral background, to bring together ancient and modern. It now has a strong expression of past, present and future in one image.


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