10×10 House

Photography: Simon Wilson


Situated on the corner of a busy suburban street in Wellington, we were tasked with another slippery slope in the city.

The home of our go-to builder and his family, the brief was to design something on one level that captured the killer views of the airport, ocean and brightly painted pak n save.

10×10 is ten by ten. 100 square meters of square. Although it’s a little more than that, if you include the concrete core that helps the building to stand up. Supported at the edges by steel poles, and detailed with floor to ceiling glass. Three bedrooms, an office, two bathrooms, and a flat(!) grassy bit for braziers and barbecues.

There’s also a rooftop deck with its own bus stop, accessed by outside stairs and a yellow steel gangway. But you’d be waiting a while if you wanted to hitch a ride, best just to stop, sit and enjoy the view. We reckon it’s a ten out of ten.

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