Briar Bank House

Photographer: Simon Devitt


This is a holiday house with a large view, designed for a couple with 5 adult children visiting at different times – a place for both privacy and expansive living – outlaid on a carefully crafted site plan.

A soft material palette on the exterior compliments the surrounding mountain colours, while on the interior a white lining provides a pristine contrast.

From the footpath, the house steps back in form, cushioning the scale of the house on the street, while on the south elevation the plan staggers, creating longer views to the mountains from rooms furthest from the view.

A low thermal mass aids a quick heat-up and dumping of the western solar heat gains.

The floor plan is arranged to provide both interior and exterior shelter options for various winds, sun, and seasonal scenarios – while retaining the very important large view.

Completed: 2014, Wanaka
Builder: Amalgamated Builders Ltd

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