Hunter Road

Photographer: Marina Mathews


This rural Queenstown project was a dramatic reimagining of an existing home. The building was almost completely refinished, with the addition of a new living wing and an extended bedroom wing, both of which respond to the existing building form. The house is rural in nature, with crisp metal pitched roofs and a combination of rustic timber and stone cladding.
The new plan provides a series of private spaces inside and out, and a new living zone with formal entry portico that reinforces the rural/industrial nature of the scheme with an exposed steel structure and stained timber tongue-and-groove lining. Sculptural fireplace elements are of natural stone and steel.
Openings have been increased in scale to frame picturesque views, which are complemented by a series of sculptural works in the landscape. The addition of a new loft space above the existing garage provides an alternative bridged connection to the landscape and private guest quarters which are semi-connected to the main house.

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