Kohi Drive

Photographer: Kevin Smith


With a client who is very influential in the construction industry and a celebrated and established local architect whose exceptional design ability is clearly evident; this project became a real favourite. A luxury multi residential project, this being the first of three homes to be built.

We were involved early in the project, collaborating with the architect and client to create a cohesive and original design language. Bespoke Interior Design selected finishes and fixtures for all the interior and exterior components, designing the kitchen, bathrooms, wardrobes.

We were thrilled to be involved with this special project which allowed us to implement all our skills and experience in unison. Our furniture selections and custom made items meld effortlessly with the hard fit-out finishes, complimenting them and contrasting when needed to further enforce the look throughout.

Light floods the home through its special Architecture and plays on the textures and materials chosen, creating a beautiful relaxing and luxurious ambience. As you move through this beautiful home the spaces open up to you continually framing the views. The natural earthy tones of the interior balance with the stronger exterior making this home truly unique.

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