Light Box


The project involved the removal of an existing lean-to living space at the back of a traditional Ponsonby villa, replaced by the addition of a contemporary light filled living zone, opening up completely to the rear yard.

The new building form presents as a dramatic contemporary contrast to the detail and filigree of the existing house. An extruded U-channel glass wall is on two sides, admitting soft light while providing privacy from the closely located neighbours. A large opening wall of steel joinery hinges into the yard, dissolving the line of the building. Two pairs of French doors are set into the opening wall.

A galley kitchen of powdercoated steel cabinetry and stainless steel with concealed appliances runs across the end of the space. Custom made cabinet handles cleanly integrate with the rear wall full-height cabinets. A BBQ unit is concealed behind a vertical bi-folding enclosure, clad in black steel. To the reverse side of the BBQ unit, a TV cabinet is similarly concealed to the interior.

The landscaping is integrated into the scheme, with basalt paving that crosses from the landscaped courtyard, across the threshold and partly through the interior.

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