Lookout Point

Photographer: Kevin Smith


A spectacular renovation on the water’s edge. Utilising smart renovation methods to restore a revolutionary home back to its intended design and realign with its original architectural form.

We inherited this project positioned on a picturesque cliff top, north of Auckland, originally designed by Hillery Priest Architecture.
Over the years the home has gone through various alterations and by the time we were introduced the design had strayed from its ground-breaking design origins and was no longer in line with architect’s original vision.

Our challenge then, was to restore the original elegance of this home in the most economical way possible. By using some very clever strategies, we stripped this coastal gem back to basics and reinstated the dominance of the architectural form and language.

Techniques such as a simple colour palette allowed this makeover to modernise the home within budget. While the introduction of new stone slabs, 100% recycled mosaic tiles and new paint work etc. allowed all the original kitchen and bathroom cabinetry to be retained.


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