Matapouri Bay Bach


Architect: Gel Architects

This new family home is a stunning example of how thoughtful design can integrate with nature to create harmonious spaces. Built on a challenging site, this home takes full advantage of its surroundings with superb views that survey the coastline and the regenerating native bush around it. This home has extensive wrap-around decking showcasing the views while also ensuring the owners will have shelter whenever it’s needed. With a close connection to the outdoors, raw, natural materials are a key feature, its form and materiality ensure that it sits comfortably within the landscape.

A soaring roof follows the natural slope of the site and enables views of the bush-clad hills behind. Oversized eaves will provide shade in the summer and allow the winter sun in. Warmth from the winter sun will be stored in the thermal mass provided by exposed concrete floors and concrete block spine wall. High clerestory level louvres will allow sea breezes to provide cross ventilation.

Expert crafting of timber, the expression of structure, cladding, lining and joinery are on display in a raw and unique way. Expansive garaging completes this ultimate family getaway.

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