McKellar Drive House

Photographer: Ben Arthur


A diagonal roofline creates a strong, sculptural form reflective of the jagged peaks and crags of the adjacent Remarkables mountain range. To the street, the roof folds down to the ground, creating an impenetrable exterior in profiled metal and Corten steel. Glazing is angular, reflecting the oblique spatial forms of the interior. These windows allow high-level views to ridgelines and peaks from the interior whilst maintaining privacy from passers-by.

To the north and west, the roof overhangs, sheltering timber and glass connections to the exterior. The dynamic roofline is emphasized by this projection with a glimpse of the interior spatiality opened-up to the street. A strong, vertical chimney helps pin this overhanging roof to the ground.

The timber soffit lining continues into the interior following the form and folds of the roof. Functional spaces are nestled within the centre of the building in an expressed box-form which further emphasizes and grounds the dynamic oblique spaces to either end.

This layout is functional as well as architectural allowing the house to function in two ways; as a large 4-bedroom home, or as two 2-bedroom units. This flexibility of function gives the owners the opportunity to use the house in different ways and future-proofs the building in the seasonally changing environment of the popular resort town.

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