Mountain Landing Boathouse


This small but highly serviced building is on the water’s edge in Northland and is a base for farm holidays.

The interior aesthetic is ‘mid-Pacific’ with large scale furniture and clearly defined by interior space and as with the other Northland houses, the materials are selected to avoid maintenance and to weather softly becoming part of the seashore.

The canopy was added to the Boathouse to provide shelter from the intense summer sun, rain showers and allow entertaining to continue through the tempestuous weather our narrow isles enjoy. The combination of highly polished tapering Jarrah archers and the stainless steel brackets suggest a little of the romance of timber yacht technology and soften the sharper line of the fabric and perimeter steel beams. The laminated beams allow considerable loads involved in the tensioning of the fabric to be transferred to the perimeter beams, achieving a low-rise volume free from internal supports.

Undertaken while a director at Jasmax

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