Oneroa House

Photography: Simon Devitt


Located on a large site with existing visitor accommodation and a private vineyard, the extensive addition/alteration to this home utilises the footprint of the previous dwelling, which was transported to a local site and re-used. Ideally sited just below a ridgeline, with panoramic views stretching southeast from Oneroa Bay, to Hakaimango Point and the Hauraki Gulf beyond, the home was designed to take advantage of the views without sacrificing protection and refuge from the elements.

Utilising the masonry structure and the garage slab of the previous house, the lower level nestles into the landscape, from which the master suite and main living areas hover above, stepping up to further elevate the southeast kitchen, dining and outdoor room above Oneroa Bay. The cedar facade is punctuated by copper clad window boxes that also provide unexpected sightlines down to the picturesque bay.

In rich contrast to the material palette of various golden timbers, an in situ concrete wall is set back from the upper living spaces and forms a protective defence against the southern conditions; the space between is employed as an intermediate zone, comprising an outdoor room, garden courtyard and bathroom. Unifying these elements is a skillion roof form above, sloping down the length of the building to the northwest, and culminating over a double-height afternoon outdoor room and spa area.

An internal planted breezeway is used to help precondition the air with indoor plants that transpire and give off moisture. Fresh air is also circulated through with louvres and high-level operable windows. This allows the space to breathe as well as bringing in the beauty and feeling of having plants up against the building.

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