Palliser Road Houses


Photographer: Paul McCredie


This project was for two new homes. The underlying land formed a leaky home that was demolished as well as a land-locked rear yard that was accessed via the leaky home site. It is set on a very steep site on the Roseneath Hills overlooking Wellington City and Oriental Bay.
The houses are formed by two rectangular volumes that envelopes the slope. The steel and timber forms hug and are set into the hill. They turn their back to the south. On the north side, they open to the sun and views culminating with outdoor decks and access to the garden.
A series of sloped roofs and outdoor spaces (cutouts) form the upper living spaces. In both houses, these areas are generous public spaces. The downstairs bedrooms open out to the view and garden below.
They are energy-efficient houses with a low impact on both the environment and neighbourhood.

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