Scenic Bathroom


This was a run-down 90’s renovated bathroom in a 70’s home. Aesthetically the brief was to modernise, bring in light and add a sense of understated luxury.  From a functional stand point the client wanted a large bath and shower, plenty of storage and child-friendly finishes.

Although the bathroom is spacious, an existing window meant it was a challenge to fit the generous separate bath and shower into the space without compromising aesthetics.  We chose to combine both into a more contemporary bath over shower concept.  A tiled Roman tub provided no limits to the size and maintained clean lines throughout the design and the subtly textured tiles enhanced the spa-like feel of the space. Contrasted with the large format tiles are matte green mosaics to inject colour and provide a connection to era of the home.

A large skylight lets in ample natural light and provides a sky view for anyone enjoying the bath.  The vanity is wall hung with tall drawers and cupboards and a honed Taj Mahal marble counter top. Tapware is minimalist and all in a soft Brushed Nickel finish. The shower features a slide rail plus a monsoon shower rose dropped from the ceiling.

All the elements pull together to create a sense of ritual in the space, an intention to slow down, calm and relax.

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