Shoal Bay


Architect: Graham Pitts Architects
Photographer: Simon C Wilson
Styling: Citta Design


We worked with local architect Graham Pitts, to bring his vision for Shoal Bay to life. A five-bedroom, five-bathroom luxury build against a stunning coastal backdrop. With finishing touches designed by Trinity Interior design for the interior fittings and custom made cabinetry and kitchen by DBJ Furniture, this house became a home, then a masterpiece.

Nature permeated all aspects of the build – from the windows providing natural light and breathtaking views, to the insulated plaster and roof system, affording maximum comfort, warmth, dryness and security against the elements.

Like each project, we wanted Shoal Bay to radiate character. Stone flooring and a waxed steel fireplace were used to create an inviting atmosphere and entertainment spaces for guests to enjoy the amenities in full view of the raw natural beauty outside.

With finishing touches by Trinity Interior design, this house became a home, then a masterpiece.

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