Your Home is Your Castle

Photographer: Simon Devitt


A large and dramatic cast concrete home by Cockle Bay waterfront definitely is the client’s castle. The clients wanted to express their bold personalities by incorporating their many vintage and industrial pieces into the design.

Helping him bring these quirky elements together made it a fun project. The home is on three levels, though like a ship, the lower level containing an extensive garage, workshop and wine cellar is below the ‘water’ or fence line. Ship chain links surround the garden and a porthole peeps out from the front. Above, a full cinema, an entertainment terrace with barbecue kitchen, raised pool and multiple bedrooms is a party, guest and teenager’s space. Conceived as a separate adult apartment, the upper floor is a dedicated retreat. Connecting each level, a lift is an inset with coins on the floor which the client laid. Rugged, eclectic, yet refined, this very personal project to all involved.

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