A defining experience

“If luxury is defined as superfluous, useless abundance and excess, the term certainly does not apply to Studio Italia and its brands,” says Joanna Hoeft, design and sales manager of Studio Italia. 

Here in New Zealand, Italy is celebrated for its exceptional standards in espresso, mozzarella pizza, and, of course, design. Studio Italia delivers the latter, proudly representing leading Italian furniture designers. However, the definition of ‘luxury’ within the local showroom is not necessarily what a discerning customer may expect as the brand is on a continuous search for a less formal, more personal approach to interior design. 

“A luxe interior for us is more about the experience within a space, and the comfort and quality of the furniture, rather than the immediate visual impact. A home where you can take time, relax, and really enjoy your surroundings is pure luxury.”

Joanna believes luxury is an aesthetic expressed through discreet elegance in design, uncluttered shapes, soft materials, and hand-finished elements.  

“There is a real understated quality to the Italian brands we represent, and a true understanding of the design process and full customisation. In the words of one of our hero brands, Flexform, it is a world ‘of good manners and good taste, a kind of artistic finesse. A Flexform sofa is like a blue blazer in the world of fashion: simple, deconstructed, refined, down to the smallest detail’.”


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