Beneath our feet: We explore Lucy Tupu’s latest collection

The launch of Lucy Tupu Studio in New Zealand coincides with the release of a vibrant collection, the result of a dynamic collaboration between Lucy Tupu and Max Gimblett. 

The pair first met in New York in 2016 at a New Zealand design event. The following week they were in Max’s studio discussing how they would work together.

Lucy says, “We went through a lot of his works, and it was the colourful ones that really stood out to me. It wasn’t to replace his artwork in any way, but rather another medium for his work to be expressed. Vibrant, contrasting colour is sometimes central to Gimblett’s work and it was this distinctive element that I was excited to replicate. It was an honour and an inspiration to transform his iconic inks on paper into textural, functional pieces.”

Those pieces took the form of a rug collection comprising 12 pieces, each handmade in Nepal with 100 per cent Tibetan wool.

“Collaborating with Lucy Tupu on custom rugs and carpets has been a real treat for me,” Max says. “The element of people walking over and sitting on these objects, as opposed to simply viewing them, is refreshing. What is under our feet is stabilizing and grounding. There’s also a civilizing aspect, designating the functions of the various rooms her rugs inhabit.

“Carpets and wallpaper were the things that lasted and lasted in my childhood homes. I am thrilled Lucy has made some beautiful rugs with my inks on paper, which were inspired by ancient Tantric works. This really comes through.”

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