Bold new waves

A collaborative relationship between Designer Rugs and Greg Natale is enduring, and has resulted in five rug collections and two carpet collections to date. 

Stella Diva by Greg Natale

The latest, and next chapter for Greg Natale and Designer Rugs, is the New Wave collection. With postmodernism and a bold ’80s sensibility at its core, this striking collection of seven handmade rugs showcases Natale’s inimitable flair for pattern and colour, and represents another evolution in his design journey. 

Stella by Greg Natale

After the last collection, which was Deco in theme, New Wave embraces the vibrant hues and geometrics of the Memphis movement and the work of Ettore Sottsass. Motifs also reference the architecture of Louis Khan and his use of symbolism.

Banto by Greg Natale

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