Cavit & Co – Timeless Luxury

9 June 2021

Cavit: Timeless Luxury Since 1991
By Debbie Cavit

This immaculately presented book tracks the history of Cavit & Co. from its humble beginnings — in its owner’s spare bedroom — to some of the business’s most impressive assignments, including New Zealand embassies overseas and luxury hotels in the Pacific.

From launching its first showroom in Parnell to opening in Surrey Hills (Sydney), Arrowtown, and later Christchurch, and through to what it has become today: a consultative procurement company for its clients and to the trade throughout New Zealand, to bring the finest of furniture, lighting, bed linens, and accessories.

Yet, the book is more than just a retelling of the rise of a design business and the legacy brands Cavit & Co. represents — the tome highlights some of the philosophies, trends, and observations that have led to this success. From branding to luxury, from achieving colour balance in a room to Cavit & Co.’s relentless quest for quality and longevity through craftsmanship, texture, and comfort, this book is a true testament to a legacy of 30 years of intelligent design.

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