Deceptively simplistic

Quadro is a boutique company based in Lake d’Orta in northern Italy. Specialising in brushed stainless steel finishes, and known for their innovative approach
to sustainability and design, their 12 architectural tapware collections offer an elemental, understated aesthetic.

Available in New Zealand exclusively from SA Plumbing Supply, the collections are each crafted with AISI316L stainless steel, and can be finished with an innovative coating known as PVD (physical vapour deposition) that ensures the ultimate in
durability whilst not altering the inherent features of stainless steel – three different finishes are available: Ora chiaro (light gold), Ora rosa (pink gold), and Oro nero (black gold).

Each of the 12 Quadro collections is modular, allowing for design freedom across the entire range, with individual modules designed to be combined with any other.

With its ethos firmly anchored in sustainability, Quadro aims to shift the focus in modern design to offer timeless, durable solutions crafted with sophisticated raw materials.

The Modo deck mount mixer and spout. The Modo collection is a dialogue between essentiality and technology; stainless steel dresses up with unique and sensual light and shadow.
The HB basin mixer, whose concept traces the memory of a pencil stroke; a pencil is the extension of a hand, like the tap for water.
The Stereo wall mounted mixer with hand shower. The Stereo collection is inspired by the classic handles of the now obsolete hi-fi stereo; a new object for an old shape.
The Q bath/shower mixer. This collection surmised by the notion of two pure geometric shapes, superimposed and aligned to form a new architectural model.

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