Fluid solidity

A new iteration of a sought-after solid surface is at the forefront of an entirely new level of design freedom.

Made from a composition of acrylic, minerals, and natural pigments, HIMACS from Laminex is smooth, non-porous, and thermoformable, which allows for unlimited creativity. Due to its simple heating process and three-dimensional thermoforming capabilities, the material has much greater flexibility in terms of sculptural applications: options for radius, shape, or angle are endless. 

The Ultra Series allows for more dramatic shaping: the minimum internal radius of 6mm (previously 50mm) gives designers the ability to create sharper curves and more dramatic organic designs. As a solid surface, it is particularly sought after for interior architectural solutions including benchtops, bathroom and furniture surfaces, and for applications such as wall cladding, and even outdoor pieces.

The Marmo collection embodies the look of natural stone with a combination of veined patterns and translucent chips for
a rich, realistic, and luxurious surface. 

Granite, Concrete, and Volcanics are other ranges in the collection, each highly realistic interpretations of the natural materials they represent. Lucent makes a different statement: when combined with light sources, the translucent pastel shades transform into design highlights. 

The HIMACS surface is seamless and non porous, without crevices or surface irregularities where harmful bacteria or mould may reside. Unlike other surfaces, it doesn’t require a reapplication of sealants or waxes, and is designed to endure everyday wear and tear with higher resistance to stains and chemicals.

Put simply, it is a material that moulds to your designs. 


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