Pac Studio

Pac Studio is an ideas-driven design office, committed to out-of-the-box thinking, both in the intellectual and artistic sense. As such, we are always open to unconventional propositions. As a small Auckland-based practice, we are fuelled by a strong commitment to realizing big ideas, with the endeavour to positively impact the course of architecture and design in New Zealand and internationally.

Through our relationship with inter-related disciplines – furniture, art, landscape, academia – we are able to create a collective whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

We are Architects and Designers with substantial experience delivering highly awarded architectural projects on multiple scales. Our team has expertise in residential, commercial, civic, heritage, conservation, infrastructure, hospitality, and tourism architecture in New Zealand and abroad. We have no standard ‘style’, but instead apply a rigorous design process in which our professional knowledge and innovative research support healthy collaboration with our clients. We pride ourselves on being excellent listeners and believe this attention to our client’s specific needs is reflected in the quality of our work and the individuality of each project.

We offer Interior Design services to both residential and commercial clients. Our focus is the creation of interiors that are suited precisely to our client’s needs and budget while maintaining the highest possible standard of design at an international level. We have designed the interiors of fine dining restaurants, cafes, retail spaces, exhibition displays, private healthcare facilities, and residential homes. This highly awarded work is based on precise product knowledge and prompt delivery of projects on tight timelines. 

We are spatial problem solvers with experience orchestrating solutions to complex problems. Our experience in Design Thinking and User-Centred Design is often applied in solving spatial problems for corporate clients, without the production of traditional architecture. We call this part of our practice Spatial Strategy. We provide expertise in brief development, stakeholder communication, consultant appointment, user group engagement, and spatial delivery. Our experience in construction, fine art, and critical research grounds our leadership of special projects.

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