rarebirds interiors

rarebirds interiors is a highly responsive design studio that champions creativity, respects individual style and celebrates collaboration.

We love the process of design, engaging our team’s creativity and including our clients on a personal journey to create spaces that thrill them.

The artisan, the handmade and sustainability in design are strong elements of rarebirds interiors’ ethics, that we strive to weave into every project we complete.

We believe it is our responsibility to utilise design that provides our clients with the opportunity to live life well, in their home environment, their workspace or places they intend to share with the community.

Our design approach draws on the essential elements of texture, colour, form and function that is then interpreted with a sensitivity to each clients highly individualized brief.

This collaboration starts with listening to our clients. Understanding expectations from the initial concept design stage right through to collaborating on delivering a client’s finished project, is a strong element to rarebirds interiors’ success.



Featured on Home


Hanging garden

This Ponsonby en suite was designed around existing window placements within an awkward space.


Culinary motifs

Design duo Kelly Gammie and Sean Monk, the creatives behind Rarebirds Interiors, produce work that is highly distinctive and individual, pushing the boundaries between a global outlook and a vibrant local design language.