Swamp house

The nickname “swamp house” expresses the home’s proximity to the marshy paddocks resting below it on the Crown Range between Queenstown and Wanaka but it might give you the wrong idea about the climate on the high, elevated plateau.  For Kerr Ritchie’s Bronwen Kerr and

Modern lake bach

Bach living is a stripped-back approach to life: family time spent eating, playing board games and puzzles in the evening, and during the day getting outside and enjoying what the natural environment has to offer – water sports, backyard cricket and mountain biking.

Cruciform house

A spacious Mid-Century modern-inspired home in Orakei proves that you don’t need a huge amount of land to have four bedrooms and multiple living spaces, particularly when less than half of the home touches the ground.

Rewind and redefined

It’s a familiar story: when youngsters enter the picture, the excitement of the big-city dream tends to pale. Childhood memories of beaches, open space and a more relaxed pace suddenly become irresistible. Expat Luisa Andrew and her Scottish husband Stephen Dewar were living with three

Sailing home

A Kerr Ritchie–designed home influenced by a love for the outdoors. Liisa hand-made a flag that read “Boys aboard”. The idea was to hoist it onto the mast of their catamaran while approaching a new port, thus alerting other boatie families that young children had arrived and any form of socialising would be welcomed.

Diamonds in the rough

Claude Megson’s unique contribution to New Zealand architecture had almost disappeared from view when this house, his masterpiece, was saved from demolition. These days, its many, many doors are thrown open each year to students doing a unit on Megson at the architecture school in

Celebrating the 25th Home of the Year awards and all the past winners

Very special thanks to our sponsor Altherm Window Systems Our annual Home of the Year award is New Zealand’s most prestigious architectural prize, with a cheque of $15,000 going to the winning architects. In celebration of its 25th Anniversary, here’s a look at our previous winners,

How this home achieved Californian modernism in Central Otago

We spoke to Louise Wright from Assembly Architects about her recent build in Central Otago which has drawn inspiration from mid-century architecture  Q&A with Louise Wright of Assembly Architects How much did the site influence your design? The environment always influences the design. The home

How this modernist Marlborough home defies traditional country living

Modernist and elemental, this house in a Marlborough vineyard by Stuart Gardyne proves that country living need not be rustic “A paddock with grapevines on it” is Stuart Gardyne’s description of the site in Marlborough’s Omaka Valley, in which this refined yet unpretentious house is

How this homeowner achieved his dream rural retreat on a small budget

Despite this Kaipara Harbour home’s modest budget, PAC studio team managed to create an elegantly rural space for this Auckland commuter In recent years, aspiring first-home buyers in Auckland without a million or two to spend have been faced with a stark choice: move out

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