How this home achieved Californian modernism in Central Otago

We spoke to Louise Wright from Assembly Architects about her recent build in Central Otago which has drawn inspiration from mid-century architecture  Q&A with Louise Wright of Assembly Architects How much did the site influence your design? The environment always influences the design. The home

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Modernist and elemental, this house in a Marlborough vineyard by Stuart Gardyne proves that country living need not be rustic “A paddock with grapevines on it” is Stuart Gardyne’s description of the site in Marlborough’s Omaka Valley, in which this refined yet unpretentious house is

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Despite this Kaipara Harbour home’s modest budget, PAC studio team managed to create an elegantly rural space for this Auckland commuter In recent years, aspiring first-home buyers in Auckland without a million or two to spend have been faced with a stark choice: move out

This family’s Central Otago build was inspired by mid-century modernism

Assembly Architects drew on lightweight Californian modernism to craft this elegant mountain retreat The privilege of living in Central Otago’s dramatic landscape often means making design compromises. Subdivisions in the region tend to have strict covenants – usually requiring gabled rooflines and the use of

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A beach house on Waiheke Island by John Irving quietly slips from view, without having to put up a fence. Here’s how they did it Simplicity is an art form. Making something appear effortless, when the opposite is closer to the truth, takes much more