Fashion designer Emily Cooper’s 1959 Dunedin pad

Sam and Emily fell easily for the charms of this 1959 modernist home, which has remained virtually unchanged since it was built Fashion designer Emily Cooper’s 1959 Dunedin pad By the late 1950s, the idea of living in a modernist way was sweeping the globe.

Bathrooms: a perfectly partitioned ensuite

Rare in New York apartments, this home has a large ensuite bathroom that feels both spacious and private. Here, New York artist Anthony Goicolea tells why this bathroom designed by Janet Cross is so successful.   HOME A big bathroom was part of your brief for the

Kitchens: a century-old building meets modernity

The brief Richard Naish received for this Stable Lane kitchen was for a large, sociable family kitchen that, while modern, still fit the century-old building. A challenge was the low stud height, which was resolved with cleverly created storage space. Kitchens: a century-old building meets modernity

Bathrooms: resplendent in black marble

This Devonport home by Bull O’Sullivan Architecture is dominated by timber. The clients’ brief for the bathroom was to create a luxurious escape from the rest of the house. Dark marble provides an enlivening contrast.   HOME The rest of the home’s interior is clad

How a gentle renovation created a Nelson family home

Designed by acclaimed modernist architect Alex Bowman, this Nelson home was transformed to fit its new family while staying true to the original aesthetic How a gentle renovation created a Nelson family home There’s a side to architect Jeremy Smith that enjoys sowing confusion. How else

Bathrooms: Pattersons’ moody palette

Careful lighting and a darker palette create moody intimacy in this bathroom by Pattersons. Davor Popadich explains how they achieved the intimate quality without sacrificing function and utility.   HOME What made you choose a dark material palette for this bathroom area? Davor Popadich, Pattersons We wanted the

Kitchens: 1930s glamour meets family practicality

Kitchen designer Morgan Cronin has packed an extraordinary amount of living space into a long, narrow room in his 1930s home.     “As a family we spend all our time in here,” Cronin says. “Cooking, dining, entertaining, the kids even do their homework here.”

Kitchens: a Mount Maunganui kitchen with a hidden scullery

The biggest design challenge for this former holiday home was to create a kitchen space that would accommodate friends and family preparing food together, without crowding the space. Evan Mayo of Architecture Bureau describes the decision to incorporate a scullery hidden behind folding doors.   HOME Most sculleries

Kitchens: this coastal kitchen blends into its landscape

The kitchen of this hilltop home in Muriwai is visible from afar, and designer Bruce Messick of Avantgarde wanted to ensure it blended seamlessly into its landscape. The colour palette was carefully chosen with this in mind and a minimalist style favoured for the cabinetry and

Bathrooms: beach-house simplicity on Waiheke Island

The bathroom in this Waiheke Island beach house offers lessons in simplicity. Here, Julian Guthrie explains how careful planning and selection of materials can produce a beautiful result, without blowing the budget.   HOME This is a bathroom in a beach house. Were you consciously trying

Kitchens: an elegantly crafted Auckland design

Taking cues from famous houses, Michael O’Sullivan confidently combined materials to create this luxurious, well-crafted North Shore kitchen. Here, O’Sullivan discusses the similarities to his own kitchen and how this contributed to the less traditional design decisions.   HOME How did you choose the materials for

Bathrooms: a Sydney bathroom with personality

A careful insertion of colour enlivens this Sydney bathroom by Pohio Adams Architects. The design also takes full advantage of the natural light offered, complemented by concealed and featured electric lighting.   HOME All-white bathrooms seem to be a common default mode, so how did

Kitchens: a holiday home built for entertaining

The brief for this Whangarei Heads kitchen was to meld the indoor and outdoor spaces. Lance Herbst of Herbst Architects created two covered decks, offering flexible protection against the elements. The successful design allowed the clients to entertain 36 guests during the holiday season.   HOME How did you

A private space with hidden surprises

The brief for the kitchen in this Waiheke Island home was separation and a unique sense of character for each space in the house. Architect Wendy Shacklock divided the dining and kitchen spaces with cabinetry; below she tells how this private realm allows for flexible

Bathrooms: a shell-like space in Home of the Year 2013

This open-plan bathroom in the 2013 Home of the Year is a continuation of the fluid, shell-like overall design. Architect Gary Lawson describes how the bathroom can be both open and intimate.   HOME This space is in the Home of the Year 2013. How does

This small home is enormously clever

It is often said that constraints are a vital part of creating good architecture – that without any limitations to frame a project, an architect’s task is akin to finding direction in a void This small home is enormously clever But when a building project