Painted dreams: the [natural] Colours of Fiji

Across five palettes created with colours from Natural Paint Co., we explore the colours of Fiji with tonal representations that evoke the lush island landscapes, warm tropical waters, and luxurious moments of connection and calm.

Co-founders of Natural Paint Co. James Mount and Grace Glass.

They’re beautiful and distinctive hues, with a depth of tone that traverses subtle neutral shades through to bold, high-impact feature colours — and represent the ethos that has driven Natural Paint Co.’s founders Grace Glass and James Mount since their journey of challenging the chemical paint industry began in 2016.

Over the last few years, the brand has seen a period of major growth, and its extensive range of high-performance non-toxic paints and oils, made with ingredients including plant oils, tree resins, and earth clay, is now garnering interest from a global audience.

“They’re good for you and good for the planet,” says James of the range that the duo spent years developing with top paint chemists.

“Sustainable, natural, beautiful — that’s what we’re delivering with products made with plant- and earth-based ingredients. Our carefully selected ingredients are free of the nasties, and our quality actually outperforms top chemical paints on the market,” says Grace.

“The Colours of Fiji are drawn from the natural landscapes and seascapes of a country where, as it’s often touted, happiness comes naturally; it’s a place where the beauty of the natural world is something to be revered, to be protected, and to be cherished — values inherent to our brand and what we strive to deliver every day, playing our part in making your home and our planet a healthier and happier place to be,” says Grace.

Natural Paint Co. has an extensive range of 150 stunning curated colours. Its products include paints for all interior and exterior substrates, as well as timber oils, natural varnish for flooring, and long-lasting exterior timber stains.

A 25-year guarantee is offered on all interior paints, a testament to the durability and performance of the innovative natural formulas James says. “We also have the Declare certification, which is a rigorous process run through the Living Building Challenge. It’s essentially a nutrition label for building products that ensures all ingredients are declared and meet stringent sustainability requirements. We’re the only New Zealand company in the paint industry with a Declare certification.”

The Colours of Fiji 


Embracing a captivating and inviting sense of warmth and relaxation, Retreat embodies the tones of tropical opulence — from the earthen colours of contemporary bures to the harmony of muted blues and greens, it is a dance of organic whimsy.

Grounded by the red-brown of Wild Earth, the jazzy pop of Raspberry Fizz, and the subtlety of At The Bay and Wilderness, Retreat embodies the simple luxury of contemplation and whimsical connections to island escapes.


From powdery white sands to the azure blue water under a tropical sun, Coast is a palette defined by the crystal clarity of the Fijian waters and pristine stretches of meandering coastline.

Pairing the subtle warmth of Sand Bar, the crisp white of Clarity, and the melodic hue of Summer, these are colours that hark back to long lazy days, warm waters, and gentle sea breezes.


Immersed in the underwater world, Dive speaks to the purity that exists in the ebb and flow of the tonal variations of the water around the reef and the power and movement of surf breaks beyond.

Connected with the deep yellow of Beachball, Dive moves through watery blue tones — Pacific Blue at its most immersive; Paua Shell in the mid range; and Dusk, a lighter, grey-tinged hue. Dive evokes memories of days in the sea and the humbling power of the ocean’s pull.


Here, the lush rainforests are depicted in vivid tonal rhythms that move between the earthen hues of the forest floor to the vibrancy of tropical leaves and the mid tones of palm fronds swaying lazily at the forest’s fringe.

Anchored by the depth of brown-tinged green In the Valley and balanced by the lighter citrus hue of Lime Milkshake, Rainforest is a calming palette that speaks to the natural beauty of untouched forests.


Drawing on the melody of blush pinks, vibrant oranges, purples, and magentas of the sun setting over the Fijian islands, Dusk is defined by the last light of day.

It is a palette of tranquility spanning the immersive hues of Supernova and Wild Card paired with the softer pastel mid tones of Gratitude and Forever Young, capturing a sense of quiet serenity — moments of reflection as a day ends.

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