Tahunanui House

Photographer: Patrick Reynolds


Good people make buildings sing and this old house sang its best. It was a happy home, full of art, adventure, and adhoc; all despite having an entry that walked past bedrooms, circulation without light, and a garden that was hard to find. “Privacy would help and some straightening please, just not of the querk.”

So in 2008, a plan was drawn to stage a lengthening of the house’s contribution and workings; to improve things, add more family spaces, allow light to lead circulation, and the garden to be developed and gradated to the house.

12 years and 2 big and many little stages later the personality remains in the fun and the play. There’s new joinery from old joinery and old joinery turned new. There’s art, plants, and life as the new additions and alterations extend and add to the song with warmth, wallpaper, and welcome.

Good people deserve good houses to make sing.


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