Hastings couple Adam and Nicola Mossman have a less is more approach.  A few years ago they embarked on a journey of change. The result: a thriving brand whose ethos remains simple – local, natural and restorative.

As Nicola puts it, Real World is about “bringing some love and luxury to everyday life with a range of beautifully considered essentials for the body and home. Made locally with heart, soul and simple, natural ingredients, our products provide sumptuous care for real homes and real lives.”

The Real World range is a carefully crafted collection of products for restorative living. Parents of four, Adam and Nicola are no stranger to busy lives, and it was the combination of work and lifestyle that led them to step out of their comfort zone.

“We realised that as we balance our busy, modern lives we needed products that restore, heal and repair. To that end, we wanted to blend genuine care with a real understanding of what modern life demands and create products that are better for you, and the planet.”

For Adam, who had spent a summer diving for crayfish and working outdoors, he started to notice sore, irritated skin, and saw the same thing with his children, whose skin was becoming irritated from the bubble bath we were using. “It suddenly all made sense. Most of us care about what goes into our food, so why is it any different for personal and home care?

“We set out to create a natural, plant-based range of products that contained none of the harsh chemicals that were damaging our hands and skin.” With a willingness to experiment, and surrounded by an abundance of native flora and fauna, Real World began, and continues to grow, now offering a vast range of locally made products spanning everything from candles to indulgent care products.

Utilising high concentrations of native New Zealand ingredients, minimalist packaging and operating an on-site refillery in Hastings, this duo have created a brand that’s growing at pace – for all the right reasons.

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