The beauty of ambiguity

Timber garage doors have an innate beauty to them, one that lies in the natural variance of colour and grain, and the tactility and warmth the material provides.

They do, however, require ongoing maintenance over the years with stain, oil, or paint to ensure the timber remains in the best condition. While the maintenance is only every couple of years, it’s often something homeowners don’t want to deal with if they don’t need to despite the allure of using timber.

Especially on period homes or those with timber cladding, it can be the obvious choice and one preferred over others. Enter Prestige Garage Doors, a company that has been perfecting an alternative, almost indistinguishable from its natural timber counterpart.

The innate beauty of timber garage doors lies in the natural variance of color and grain, as well as the material's tactility and warmth.

With a range of specialised powdercoated aluminium finishes, the look of timber can be almost exactly replicated allowing for a greater level of design freedom and seamless integration with other architectural elements.

“The initial outlay for an aluminium door is similar to that of a cedar door, but the end result is indistinguishable and you end up with a product with increased longevity and durability that requires no maintenance or upkeep, so over the product’s life span it becomes a much more cost-effective option,” Prestige Garage Doors’ Ben Broide explains.

“Powdercoated aluminium resists weathering and stands up to general wear and tear and knocks much better. That’s why all our aluminium garage doors are provided with a 10 to 25-year surface coating warranty.”

Prestige Garage Doors’ range of aluminium garage doors comprises a vast range of colours and finishes as well as bespoke options, and in timber profiles including tongue and groove, board and batten, as well as various weatherboard profiles.

Timber garage doors require ongoing maintenance to remain in good condition, but Prestige Garage Doors offers an alternative that is almost indistinguishable from natural timber.

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