Timeless opulence

Outside of the quintessential black and white aesthetic, Plumbline’s latest collection offers an array of textures, colours, and finishes to cement a feeling of ageless refinement in the bathroom. 

In a juxtaposition of earthy tones and antique hues, Plumbline interweaves the unexpected to produce something quite remarkable, exemplified in the Toscana Opaco drawer vanity. This combination of marble laminate — available in six colours —  is finished with a matt white top, adding a sense of elegance and polish. 

Pair a magnetic vanity with the simple yet alluring tapware of Plumbline’s Oli collection. Crafted in Italy from the highest grade 316 stainless steel, Oli offers endless design iterations in brushed stainless steel and three finishes; Brushed Brass PVD, Brushed Gunmetal PVD, and Brushed Copper PVD. 

PVD (physical vapour deposition) is a method of depositing a thin film onto metal in a vacuum phase, a process that creates a long and durable finish that will not age or alter over time.  



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