Two palettes

Four design houses join forces to create two alluring interior material palettes, each with a distinctly New Zealand aesthetic.



Our love for black is a well known national trait that influences everything from sporting team names through to our colour choices in clothing and appliances. It is no surprise then that this fascination has started to define some of the most successful interiors in recent years.

Featured products: Bremworth Ripples range 100% NZ wool carpet in colour Onslow. Peter Fell coloured concrete in Stone PFL 588 (top), Charcoal PFL 698 and Special Brown PFL 450; Plumbline Buddy mixer handle in Matt Black; Forté: Villa Raven and Millboard Embered Oak; Mood board styling & photo - Julia Kennerley | Forté

One of the key components of dark and moody interiors is understanding that not all darks are created equal. Strong greys are very different from rich charcoals; there are many different grades of black and, best of all… you shouldn’t be scared of using several of them at the same time for a layering effect.

Likewise, anything placed atop a dark background will resonate with added vibrancy. Metals can set the tone of a space, similar to how a piece of jewellery can make a look come alive.

In bathrooms for instance, choosing the right, dark tapware can anchor a design while adding a layer of dimension and depth to the overall design palette.

Also, timbers, textiles and carpets with dark and lighter tones dappled together will create a wonderful, textural mood that, together with a well considered lighting design, can elevate a moody interior. 


New Zealand has come to perfect a style of interior design that combines the relaxed feeling of being at a beach with the comforts of being in a classically-influenced residence.It is a little bit luxurious while entirely down to earth.

Featured products: Peter Fell 588 from the Stone colour range (top); Salvare Charred Spruce by Forté; Artefact Ammonite by Forté (right); Plumbline Progretto Oli mixer handle in Brushed Brass PVD; Flat bar by Forté; Bremworth Untouched 100% NZ wool carpet in colour Calm. Mood board styling and image: Julia Kennerley | Forté

The secret? Keeping it organic but not overly textured, mixing natural materials with metal tones and an overall palette that is neutral enough to make the light bounce and the surrounding greenery pop.

Natural, organic finishes can bring nature in, and black or white finishes give beautiful shape definition, shadows, and light.There needs to be a balance between materials that are (or seem to be) vintage or found — natural timbers, brushed metals that speak of marine environments, black steel of industrial spaces — with new elements.

Materials such as in-situ poured concrete, engineered timbers and stones as well as luscious  carpets ensure the look is grounded in contemporary elements and prevent it from looking too “shabby-no-chic”. They add cleanliness and a touch of classical to a beachy, relaxed vibe.

Special thanks to Forté, Peter Fell, Bremworth, and Plumbline.

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