A clifftop vision

There’s something alluring about white concrete. Combine its vibrancy with exceptional formwork and a daring architectural vision and the result is spectacular. 

Concrete itself provides a surface of natural variations, with no square metre exactly the same. In the case of the 2022 City Home of the Year and Interior of the Year, that variation, combined with Peter Fell SuperWhite Plus coloured concrete, resulted in a sight to behold.

“We worked with Ross Bannan of Bannan Construction, whose team is passionate and highly skilled. With the right specialists, you can really achieve anything you want — you have the freedom to be creative and the flexibility to be daring,” Peter Fell general manager, Michael Ross, tells us.

The house, situated above Auckland’s Takapuna Beach, is an architectural gesture of scale. With a footprint of nearly 1000m2, this is a structure whose volumes are vast, and one in which every element was crafted with precision detailing, the concrete being no exception.

Michael says the Peter Fell SuperWhite Plus colour — the whitest cement available in New Zealand — achieved a striking contemporary aesthetic that allows for light reflection in the darker spaces and a true vibrancy in the lighter areas. 

“It’s a colour that pops because it is a true white concrete, which is very rare in New Zealand. 

“This is a project that Peter Fell is exceptionally proud to have been part of. Being able to deliver, in partnership with Ross Bannan, exactly what the architect and client envisioned — something spectacular and out of the norm — is pretty special.”


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