A tailored solution

With a career in interior design spanning two decades, Nicola Manning has had proven success in the industry. Over this time, trends have come and gone, but her ethos of finding bespoke solutions for each of her clients has remained unchanged. 

Today, the concept of trends is no longer as relevant in kitchen design. Due to the influence of social media, Nicola’s clients are becoming more aware of the myriad of solutions, materials and finishes available, and finding designs that suit their lifestyle. 

This kitchen has achieved a sophisticated feel due to the minimalist colour palette.

“There is a lot more inspiration available to people nowadays, which has been spectacular as my clients can take a variety of looks from different kitchens,” explains Nicola, “My role is to ensure my clients’ dream kitchens are designed specifically to their tastes and everyday needs.”

Nicola’s dedication to her clients has seen her create some truly stunning kitchen designs, each one entirely unique. With a wealth of experience in the industry, Nicola is able to draw on her years of knowledge to design and create kitchens that are beautiful and highly functional.

Taking cues from the age of the original home, this kitchen introduces brass detailing.

“As we have been spending so much more time in our homes over the last few years, more people have understood the importance of having spaces that work well.”

The materiality of kitchens is seeing a shift too. Organic textures and natural hues in matte finishes are becoming more popular on bench surfaces and cabinetry, not only for their timelessness but for their practicality. 

Asymmetric pendants above this kitchen island break up the strong lines of the space.

“With the development of new technology, matte acrylic materials such as laminate have been in high demand, likely due to its soft, almost powdery finish and lower cost compared to materials such as timber veneer. These surfaces are also more resistant to fingerprints, therefore popular among young families or any client who prefers a low-maintenance solution”.

“When designing for our clients, we focus on producing bespoke design solutions. In doing so, we can create something that the clients will be proud of and love for years to come.”


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