A touch of subtle elegance

In product design, elegance comes from simplicity, and simplicity is often a result of considered and thorough design thinking.

This is the case with Plumbline’s slick and well-proportioned Buddy and Oli 316 collections for kitchens and bathrooms; two ranges that embody subtle elegance through balance of materials and shapes. 

Plumbline’s Buddy, pictured here in aged brass.

Crafted in Italy, the Oli is versatile and hard-wearing  — made of the highest grade 316 stainless steel. Its design inspirations seem to range from the streamlined and modern elegance of the Kitchen Mixer Straight Spout through to the Round Slide Shower, which boasts a touch of vintage elegance in an entirely contemporary product. The Oli 316 is available in brushed stainless steel and three brushed PVD finishes: brass, gunmetal, and copper. The PVD treatment means the colours and metal remain unaltered and highly resistant.

Plumbline’s Buddy Collection was used in Paetawa House by Andrew Sexton Architecture. It was finished in aged brass, an organic colour that reflects some of the dunescape tonalities of its context and that, like much of the home’s timber facade, will age gracefully in its coastal environment. Its usage in the kitchen and bathrooms complements the strong architectural gestures of the home’s first floor. 

Oli 316 Wall Mount Mixer & Oli Round Vessel Basin in Brushed Brass PVD from Plumbline.

The Buddy Collection — made in the picturesque home of the best tapware specialists in the world: Italy’s Lake Orta district — is a somewhat more architectural design; pronounced angles with a touch of ‘industrial’ while still keeping a firm foothold in the comforts of home. The range is available in 12 stunning finishes that vary from shine through to organic. The organic is expected to patina and age, giving the product a feel of rustic beauty that adds honesty and timelessness to any interior.

At Memory Rock House by JCA Studio, the designer used a variety of Plumbline Oli 316 in bathrooms and the kitchen. The robustness of the materials and highly tactile finishes mean the products feel right at home in a high end yet relaxed coastal setting. 


In this Great Barrier Island bathroom, the products used include Oli 316 Wall Mount Mixer in Brushed Brass PVD tapware, Catalano Premium 55 basins and Oli 316 Slide Shower in Brushed Brass PVD.

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