Alea Pro: A pillar of individual solutions

The latest developments in kitchen design have aligned with a general shift towards individualism in interior choices. As kitchens have rooted their function as the hub of the home, serving purposes from cooking to socialising, they not only are required to perform but to portray the character of those who live within it. 

Poliform, the Italian brand synonymous with luxurious and innovative kitchen solutions, has redesigned their long-standing model Alea. 

Alea Pro offers a wide range of materials, colour palettes and finishes for those looking for a bespoke kitchen design.

Alea Pro maintains a commitment to linear design and the versatility of the original aesthetic, offering a wide selection of finishes, ranging from prized woods, marbles, metals and high-performing laminates. The broad range of materials and colour palettes allow for a bespoke solution for any modern kitchen. 

While Alea has already succeeded in producing harmonious kitchen layouts, Alea Pro dedicates particular attention to the design of preparation stations and cabinetry. The new leaner cabinetry door design — which can be made in glass for those who want to exhibit their dishes — is available in three finishes: aluminium, champagne and moka. 

Alea Pro is available in three finishes, including glass.

Increasingly functional and organised, the new pull-out drawer systems combine practicality and aesthetics, offering accessories designed to enhance the ease and joy of the everyday chef. 

After 20 years of success, the latest iteration of Alea is a testament to elegant, bespoke kitchen solutions. 

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