By the river

On the banks of the Waikato River, a new precinct is quickly coming to life. Known as Hills Village, it was designed thoughtfully and with purpose to foster the well-being of its inhabitants. 

The exterior of the Anzac Apartments includes brick and timber, materials that are familiar to more traditional residential neighbourhoods of Hamilton.

Here, high-end apartments are surrounded by extensive planting. Views of the river are framed with finesse. There’s just the right amount of privacy from neighbours, perfectly balanced with communal areas including vast gardens and a central 25-metre in-ground pool. There are places to play, spaces to relax, and intentional opportunities for connection. 

Inside, each apartment has its own character. Bespoke fittings and precision detailing give way to rich, textural material palettes defined by oak and stone, while neutral walls and generous 2.7m ceilings with extensive glazing draw in light and deliver a pronounced sense of volume and space. 

Inside, neutral walls and extensive glazing draw in light and deliver a sense of volume and space.

“This project is about connection; that was paramount. High-end apartment living is new to Hamilton so it was really important to ensure there were opportunities familiar to more traditional residential neighbourhoods,” architect Daniel Smith of EdwardsWhite Architects explains. 

“Hamilton East is a lovely part of the city. It’s known for its leafy streets, heritage homes, and the village. We’ve developed a series of typologies that are in keeping with the familiar residential materials of this area.”

In stage two of the three-stage development, known as Anzac Apartments, that exterior materiality includes brick and timber. 

“It was important to use authentic materials that allude to the residential vernacular of the surrounding streetscapes, ensuring the building felt like ‘home’ rather than a commercial building,” he continued.

Hills Village provides just the right balance between privacy and communal living, offering vast gardens and a central in-ground pool.

For developers, Stark Property, this was also paramount. 

“These are high-end apartments and we wanted to ensure we created a strong sense of community within the compound,” Stark Property director, Matt Stark, says. 

“Each apartment is quite different, and the property allows for residents to utilise the grounds however they choose. There are opportunities to garden, to grow vegetables, and to connect with the native planting and surrounds.”


Find out more about the Anzac Apartments at Hills Village

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