Conscious travel: Escaping the city with the new all-electric BMW iX


Road trips are synonymous with the way we holiday in and around New Zealand. They’re the stuff of childhood memories, of family holidays, and the good old weekend getaway – especially for those who live in one of our cities.

Getting in the car and driving out of the metropolis to experience our natural landscapes has an allure that’s hard to ignore: there’s something about the open road, big skies and the beauty of the coast and country that’s good for the soul.

In the context of living sustainably though, is the classic Kiwi road trip really the best way to go?

With the new all-electric BMW iX, getting on the road while reducing our impact on the planet is easier than ever. 

Until now, electric vehicles were more suited to shorter trips and daily commutes, however that’s changed with BMW’s latest technology: the iX has a range of up to 630kms – and when it is time to charge, there’s a dedicated and growing public charging network covering every area of New Zealand to support the conscious traveller. 

The new all-electric BMW iX ensures the road trip is a sustainable travel option.

Stopping at a high-powered public charging station, it’ll take just 40 minutes to charge the iX to 80 per cent capacity. Or, plug it in overnight and the day ahead is yours to explore. 

The iX interior is also considered holistically, with a sustainably-grown timber centre console, natural wool fibres, and leather upholstery coated in olive leaf extract gathered from leaves following the pruning of trees in European olive groves. Carpeting and floor mats are made from a synthetic yarn produced from recycled nylon waste sourced from recovered fishing nets and other waste materials. 

The BMW iX has a range of up to 630kms.

Couple the iX with a local outlook, and the New Zealand road trip begins to look very different. Small decisions such as supporting local producers and makers go a long way to contributing to the protection of our environment while holidaying around New Zealand. 

“For me, it’s about taking the time to look at the options and what’s available. For example, travelling to Otago recently, we were able to explore a number of eateries that grow and use local produce. A choice like this supports the local economy and plays its part in stopping the unnecessary transport of food and other goods,” HOME’s Clare Chapman says. 

“Making conscious choices is about slowing down and considering how to enjoy our country in the most responsible way. Often, experiences planned in this way offer an enriching and valuable experience that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Place the BMW iX in the mix, and the New Zealand road trip becomes an experience in driving pleasure.”

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