Cooking with fire

French private chef Arno Jullien began his culinary career in Provence after graduating from Paul Augier Culinary School in Nice.

French chef Arno Jullien.

Early on, Arno had the opportunity to lead a team of 12 chefs and design a daily zero waste menu for 100 guests, an experience that left with a love of sustainability and an interest in farm to table cooking.

Since then, his career has taken him around the world, working on yachts and for private clients in Europe and America, and now in New Zealand where he moved with his wife and two young children.

Canapés by Arno Jullien.

Arno’s passion is designing experiences, creating local versions of contemporary French cuisine, and he does so with ease and that beautiful French zest for life. As a private chef, Arno takes bookings for intimate events hosted at private homes or venues, where he will work to a set menu or design bespoke options tailored to guests’ tastes or dietary requirements. 

Expect a tantalising seasonal menu whatever the event, from lobster bisque to bourguignon venison and creme brûlée infused with basil mint and lime with rosemary smoke caramel. 

Arno also holds in-home French gastronomy cooking classes in Auckland.

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