Decadence underfoot

In a pool house that opens to a mid-century modern home in Remuera, an interior palette was designed to reflect the original architectural language and create a strong narrative between old and new.

Concrete block is combined with Kaynemaile architectural mesh to the exterior; inside, the lightness of the coloured concrete floor is an alluring invitation to step inside.

“This project was all about creating connections between the main house and the pool house, which are linked by a covered outdoor walkway, fireplace and barbecue area running adjacent to a lap pool. We wanted to echo the concrete block of the exterior, and in doing so a concrete floor was always the only option,” says interior designer Jane McAulay of Bespoke Interior Design.

“It was selecting the colour that was most important. It had to be a cool tone, and one against which we could place the Taj Mahal stone bench — a material echoed in the kitchen of the main dwelling.

“Peter Fell has such a varied, beautiful selection of colours. We knew immediately that we wanted a colour from the Premium Charcoal range. We found a really lovely oystery, creamy colour [PeterFell 651]. By using coloured concrete, we were able to turn an intimate and compact space into something that feels sophisticated and refined.

Peter Fell 651 coloured concrete detail; the creamy tone creates an elegance in the compact space.

“We didn’t want any aggregate coming through, just a very simple, elegant clean floor in a natural, understated colour. Having a power float finish, combined with the beautiful colour has created a statement: it’s so smooth it almost appears glass-like — there’s a real simplicity there that creates the perfect element to offset the other hero materials in the space, including the creams and khakis of the stone, and metal accents.”

There’s a certain joy in this pool house; the oyster white of the floor, and the distinctive tonality of the stone draw you into a space designed as a place from which to look out — onto a decadent poolscape of green foliage and turquoise water.

The internal material palette is one of lightness; cream and khaki notes in the stone pair seamlessly with the coloured concrete underfoot.

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