White light

Sitting in the 2022 Rural Home of the Year, it is as if you are part of the forest canopy that extends out from the striking ridgeline where this house stands.

That’s in part because of the considered choice of white utilised throughout the home – Dulux St Clair Quarter. It’s a tone that intentionally juxtaposes the hues of other internal materials including an in situ concrete wall that runs the length of the house from east to west, and the natural variation in colour and texture of exposed structural timber beams.

In the living area especially, there is a certain magic created by the use of this fresh, crisp white.

“On a foggy morning, we feel the walls seem to disappear leaving just the timber beams so it’s as if we’re sitting there in the canopy with the kererū,” homeowner and designer Toby Chapman-Smith explains.

The interiors of this home are painted in Dulux St Clair Quarter, a crisp, cool white.

Dulux St Clair Quarter allows the raw colours and textures of the timber and concrete to pop, and contrast against the deep greens of the forest. As a clean, cool white, the grey undertones temper the bright light of Northland, and allow for this relatively compact space to feel airy and voluminous beyond its scale.

For Toby, the aim from the outset was to design a family home that was at once functional and restful, and the outcome is just that yet so much more: it’s a testament to its surrounds, defined by an elegant palette of natural colours and textures – a place of refuge yet open to the elements.

A palette of refined simplicity


Known for their large range of whites and neutrals designed to work well in New Zealand light, The Dulux Colours of New Zealand® range offers a variety of beautiful hues – including popular white Dulux St Clair Quarter.

Dulux St Clair Quarter is a fresh, clean white suitable for main walls or trims both inside and out. It works well with a wide range of colours and materials including cool greys, charcoals, natural timbers and concrete. 

For more popular whites from the Dulux Colours of New Zealand® range, visit dulux.co.nz


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