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It’s always a pleasant surprise to use a well-designed product, and a new launch by Greens Tapware with Kontact Technology is definitely providing some soulful moments of ease in the kitchen.

We’re taken by this gorgeous sink mixer, integrated into Green’s best-selling shape, the Galiano. It’s designed for those moments – we all know them – when touching your sleek tap with mucky hands just isn’t ideal. 

Whether you’re preparing a meal with hands covered in food or you’re busy holding the phone while carrying your toddler; maybe you’ve been slicing raw meat or planting in the vegetable garden – whatever the story your hands need a thorough clean. 

These are some of the situations Kontact is made for. Rest assured, its touch-free technology will put your dilemma at ease.

Driving a car or riding a bike may not feel appropriate going hands-free, but using your touchless tap is just right. Thanks to a simple touch-point sensor, contact is detected anywhere on the neck or body of the tapware. 

However, its intelligent design means Kontact is smart enough to know when the mixer is touched to reposition or use the pull-down head when rinsing. 

A dual-function spray head offers a strong centre stream or wider spray for excellent cleaning coverage. And, the intuitive design of the Galiano Kontact will automatically turn off after four minutes. So there’s no need to worry about sinks overflowing or wasted water. 

It’s clear how beautifully this tapware can ease into any style of kitchen, with whispers of classic and modern looks intertwined elegantly.



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