The tones of nature

For the owners of this Coromandel home, it was an interest in the older baches still dotted around the neighbourhood that provided the basis for their brief, and a starting point for the design for architect Paul Clarke of Studio2 Architects.

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Paul took the simple gabled form from those baches and artfully modernised it, sculpting and cutting away to create an overtly contemporary rhythm on this beachfront site in Whangamata.

By utilising COLORSTEEL FlaxPod® for the roofing, a product from the Flora range, the dark tones of the pohutukawa boughs and the native bush of the hills beyond were emulated. The corrugate profile also reflects the history of the surrounding buildings.

The colour is drawn inside, creating a cohesive connection between the exterior and interior, in the same way the design brings the view from the outside in and throughout.

Beyond the aesthetic, with such a prime beachside location, comes particularly harsh conditions, typical of New Zealand’s coastline. Developed to withstand these unique environments and become a part of them, COLORSTEEL® was the perfect choice to protect the home from the elements.

It’s an exterior aesthetic that evokes the tones of dense wilderness – at once offering a hint at the sanctuary inside this home, and the calmness that is synonymous with our native bush.

Images: Simon Devitt

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