The great escape

Arguably, there’s nowhere that says ‘Kiwi Summer’ better than the Coromandel Peninsula. We spoke to Bev Calder of Bayleys about the region and its hidden gems.

What’s happening in the property market ahead of summer?

We’ve seen a big change lately. We’ve had some benchmark sales over the last two-and-a-half years, one being a property that was sold on the Whitianga Waterways for $6,030,000. That sale lifted prices overall, and we’ve seen a similar situation in Whitianga, Cooks Beach, Kuaotunu, and Hahei.

We’re also seeing more and more people relocating to live in the area. I think that’s a result of the pandemic – people have seen you can work from home and are open to commuting a bit more. Whitianga has an airport here that now services Auckland twice a day so it’s making it easier for families to live here.

What are people looking for in a property in the region?

We often receive enquiry from people who have been here on holiday and decide that the Coromandel Pensinsula would be a great place to live, thus starting them on their property journey. Whitianga especially used to be a town of older people but that’s changed. Younger people are coming to live here; there are new businesses and new ideas.
There’s a new commercial area, new medical centre and overall it has a lot more to offer now.

The Whitianga Waterways has just taken off. They’ve just released Stage 13. The appeal with this is the ability to berth your boat at the end of the garden, so you’re buying a property and a berth at the same time – a real lifestyle factor. Whitianga marina is currently being extended and will accommodate super yachts so there’s a lot going on here.

What are other key benefits of property in this area?

The Coromandel Peninsula has some of the best fishing grounds in New Zealand. There’s swimming and surfing beaches, and it’s a great place to bring up children. People like it because it’s safe; children can wander down to the park or go to the beach. It’s a really relaxed lifestyle.

Beachfront properties at Hahei, Whangapoua and Front Beach are tightly held and, on the odd occasion when a property in these locations comes to the market they achieve premiums. In terms of land, there are new subdivisions at Opito, Wharekaho, and a few resales dotted through the canals of the Whitianga Waterways.

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